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     From fat to slim figure. Everybody knows that fat people go rough. Sexy clothes, evening dresses, nice dress 8 size? 

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     From now on, you can shop around but not only look at nice clothes, you can step forward. ONLY WITH PIPERINE FORTE you will lose your weight as soon as you want without redundant effort.

     Flat stomach, slim figure PIPERINE FORTE IS FOR YOU

  Your mirror doesn’t have to be your enemy. A Piperine Forte is an extract with black pepper that removes redundant toxins from your body very well. It is the toxins that are the reason of building –up fatty tissue in your body.

 Influence on people health.
 In 2012 medical tests result were published pointing that piperine can block forming new fat cells and reduce fat levels in bloodstream. It is the result in disturbing the activity of the genes that control arising new fat cells.

 To be under the influence of piperine, gastric juice emission (gastric, pancreatic juice, intestinal juice) is grown and the food digestion is getting better. The Piperine has also influence on nutrients absorption: vitamin C, selenium, beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B-6 and coenzyme Q.

 The other effect of piperine is the stimulation of melanocyte proliferation in cell structures. When you use the piperine and phototherapy of ultraviolet radiation your skin becomes much more darker what is tested in the context of vitiligo treatment.

 Another favorable health effect of piperine can be an effect repression of chemical substances responsible for mutation in genetic cell material. In vitro tests on mice and rats cells show that passing the piperine can restrain tumors growth.

 The piperine also exhibits antidepressants effect through growth of serotonin’s and dopamine neurotransmission – deficit substances at people who suffer from depression.

 The history
The Piperine was discovered in 1819 by Hans Christian Orsted who extracted it from Piper nigrum fruit.

  In Chinese and Indian medicine it was used in digestive dysfunctions treatment (constipations, diarrhea, indigestion), and also in case of joints ache, heart diseases, tonsillitis throat and gangrene.

What do they say Polish media about the effectiveness of Piperine Forte

On many social networking sites and information portals we can read about the groundbreaking power of the preparation Piperine Forte. Here are a few entries known portals.


More and more often recommended by nutritionists. Increasingly popular among dieters. Piperine, because of her speech, according to many heralds a revolution in effective weight loss ”http://kobieta.wp.pl/kat,26377,title,Piperyna-przelomowy-ratunek-dla-otylych,wid,17114469,wiadomosc.html?ticaid=11464c materiał z wp.pl


Living on a diet of eternal bane of many of us. Ever wonder what pleasure would make you food if you do not have to worry about calories? It turns out that nature can surprise. Guard perfect figure is piperine !”http://www.glamour.pl/piperyna--przyjaciolka-szczuplej-sylwetki-1364 materiał z glamour.pl


Black pepper is more than a kitchen spice. Research confirms that its operation can effectively combat obesity and related diseases. See what you should know about piperynie .https://portal.abczdrowie.pl/odchudzajace-wlasciwosci-pieprzu-zdemaskowane


 Exercises, diet and Piperine Forte

 Overweigh at people is nothing else as an excessive deferment of fat tissue in the body. The reason of that is bad diet, irregular meals consumption and lack of motion. The all of this cause an excessive toxins deferment in our body.

 Step 1. Healhy food.
Do you look for a method to lose weight quickly? You should start from modifying your food, CERTAINLY you should reject all fast foods, carbonated drinks like coke, sweets. You should turn it on whole grains products, the products which have healthy protein, saturated fat, vegetables and fruit.

 Step 2. Sport.
 There is no means on the world thanks to it you lose weight doing nothing. In order to lose weight in effective and fast way you should do regularly sport, go for a walk to the park every day, running, swimming pool. Sport is a health in any form. Change a computer and sweets on going for a walk with relatives.

 Step 3. Suitable supplementation. PIPERINE FORTE. 

 High dose of piperine we can find in many slimming supplements reached on the market among others in Piperine Forte which can guarantee the highest, 95-percent-content piperinein one capsule. Thank to it, the specimen is effective in application.
It cause higher production of digestive juices in the digestive tract accelerating digestion and absorption of food and it simultaneously lead to reduction of fat cell size stimulating fat metabolism.

 Piperine Forte it is not only the ideal means to weight loss fast but also has a positive influence on hair, skin and nails.

     Our customers opinions

 Ania and Jacek from Warsaw (18 Ibs in 3 months)
 “The Piperine Forte helped me to lose weight before my wedding and I’ll never stop being grateful for that! When I was a teenager I began to see that I couldn’t eat anything that I felt like as my friends ate without any consequences. Going to the cinema, drinking beer, pizzas bounced off my appearance and I was getting fatter and fatter. I decided to change it. My friend has recommended me Piperine Forte, the incredible specimen saved my life and my career. After a half a year therapy I met a man who became my husband in a short of time. Thank to Piperine Forte I feel that I’m alive and I’m very happy.”

 Magda from Kielce (18 Ibs in 52 days)
„Nigdy nie miałam dużej nadwagi, ale dwa lata temu uległam wypadkowi. Jechałam na imprezę z chłopakiem i zderzyliśmy się z innym samochodem. Dzięki Bogu przeżyliśmy, ale czekała mnie długa rekonwalescencja, gips i siedzenie w miejscu. Odbiło się to oczywiście na mojej wadzę. Dodatkowo byłam w depresji, więc zajadałam smutki i poczucie bezsilności.  Szukałam pomocy wśród znajomych lekarzy znajomych, dietetyk polecił mi suplement diety Piperine Forte. Spróbowałam, z początku w to nie wierzyłam lecz pierwsze efekty zauważyłam już po 30 dniach. Dzięki temu preparatowi znowu jestem szczęsliwa.

 Julka from Szczecin (26,5 Ibs in 48 days)
II’m happy and a sympathetic woman but since my childhood I’ve had enormous submissive to sweets. In one moment I’ve been so huge that I was scared of myself. People on the streets pointed fingers at me and I was ashamed to go to a swimming pool or sauna. I couldn’t have found a man. I’ve been practicing a lot but it didn’t help. My dietician’s just recommended me PIPERINE FORTE a diet supplement which doesn’t lead to yo-yo effect and helps in purifying the body from the toxins which are unnecessary. The toxins were the reason of my weight gain. After one-month slimming treatment I’ve noticed the difference. I was more motivated to slimming treatment by that. Now, I’m the happy woman, I’ve got a boyfriend and I’m feeling excellent!  

Kamila from Nowa Sól (11 Ibs in 35 days)
 My friend ask me: “How did you do that?, how many kilos did you lose? How much does it cost?” for some time. Now, I can recommend them Piperine forte without hesitation. At last I can put on the clothes that I like it and not only that they fits me. My friend recommended me this wonderful diet supplement and now, I’m very grateful to her. I recommend to every woman. ?It is worth trying. 

A dietary supplement of Piperine Forte

One step closer to happiness  


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A diet composition of Piperine FORTE
One package of  Piperine Forte has 60 capsules that allows to use the medication during one month. Daily portion is the two capsules that contain even 700 mg extracts of Piper nigrum. USING THE PIPERINE FORTE The doctors and the dieticians prescribe to use daily 2 capsules of Piperine Forte. The medication is the most effective when we take Piperine forte after the meal. But we must remember about not exceeding the stated daily dose of the order.

  is not recommended for use during pregnancy, nursing mothers and for the people with cardiovascular diseases and the kids under 18 years old.

The results of using the specimen are shown in the content of the page and the comments are the individual results of particular people, PolPharm Ltd company does not guarantee the same results. The results achieved depend on using the supplement suitable according to the leaflet recommendations, medical or dietician recommendations. It also depends on the general body condition and genetic predispositions, nutrition and the life style. The diet supplement cannot be used as a substitute of a varied diet. A balanced way of nutrition and healthy lifestyle is recommended.